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Our objective at the St. Lawrence Catholic Preschool is that each child will learn to appreciate the value of beauty, truth, and the love of God in keeping with the Catholic faith, practices and traditions. It may look like play, but we are learning to:

  • work and play together
  • respect others
  • express ourselves creatively
  • grow in self-control
  • grow from dependence to independence
  • listen to and follow directions
  • develop good work habits
  • participate in group activities
  • enjoy using a variety of materials
  • share toys, equipment, and experiences
  • develop an interest in the world around us
  • improve muscular coordination
  • develop new interests
  • learn about God’s love for us
  • Be Happy!

The curriculum we provide supports the developmental needs of the children in several areas including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Our curriculum is based on the age level and offers a balance of guided play activities, creative movement, reading and math readiness, creative art work, music, outdoor play and socialization.  Each child is encouraged to grow and develop , while being nurtured and appreciated for his/her own unique gifts.