Pastoral Care & Community Life Commission


THE PASTORAL CARE AND COMMUNITY LIFE COMMISSION exists to facilitate communication and dialogue among the numerous ministries and organizations operating within the life of the parish, cooperating with the leadership of the existing ministries to identify social and ministerial needs of the members of Christ’s body and is led by Parish Council Commissioners Brad Power and Daniel Davies.

For God has called man and still calls him so that with his entire being he might be joined to Him in an endless sharing of a divine life beyond all corruption.” (Gaudium et Spes, n. 18).

African Community of St. Lawrence is composed of those with familial ties to Africa, offering them a local community atmosphere of hospitality and prayer. Contact Cornelius Ani.

Alpha brings people together to explore life’s biggest questions, ask questions, and share their point of view while looking at a different question around faith designed to create conversation (Time) Contact Kelly Schreckenberger.

Annulment Case Sponsors are volunteers trained by the Archdiocese who help lead others through the church marriage annulment process with compassionate and informed guidance. Contact Deacon Terry Millinger.

Arise Together in Christ (Small Christian Communities) are small groups who gather twice a year to participate in Arise, share life experiences, and develop the kind of friendships and caring that bring the Church alive in a smaller setting. New communities are formed in the fall and the spring.  Contact Kelly Schreckenberger or Marianne VanName.

Care for the Troops is a ministry of prayer and support to members of the military and their families. Contact Lori Crocker.

Christ Renews His Parish  (CRHPretreats are held twice a year for men and twice a year for women-building friendships and a common faith retreat experience shared among parishioners. Contact Deacon Bob Riddett.

College Age Ministry offers young adults, ages 18-22 a place to come together, grow in faith, and share life experience. Contact Michelle Hamilton.

Cursillo is a short course in Christianity that offers a vision of human love, charity, and genuine friendship centered on the Eucharist. The spirit of the weekend is intended to be relived in small group reunions and Ultreya, the monthly gathering of all Cursillistas. Contact Glenn Zipfel.

Dinner Group welcomes adults…singles, couples, and newcomers to share fellowship and food.  Twice a year small groups are formed, and each group of approximately eight people have six months to get four dinners in. Each group gathers in each other’s home to enjoy a meal with everyone contributing.  Each person or couple can decide if they would like to host a formal, informal, or picnic style dinner when it is their turn. For all the newcomers in the parish, it’s a great way to meet new people.  For those who have been in the parish for a long time, it’s a great way to renew acquaintances and welcome in newcomers. For more information, you may contact Paula and Beatty McCaleb 770.614.3537.

Divine Mercy Prayer Group meets regularly to pray the Divine Mercy prayer chaplet together. Contact Ethel Foster

Grief Ministry offers workshops and meetings to those experiencing grief through death or loss. Contact Barb Kennedy.

Knights of Columbus is an order of Catholic men dedicated to the ideas of charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism. Membership available to Catholic men 18 years and older. Contact Bob Burns.

Ladies of St. Lawrence brings all women of the parish together to develop Christian friendships through social activities, and parish and community outreach. Contact Frances Alkire.

Lazarus Ministry members are available to help bereaved parishioners plan funerals, and provide food and hospitality to mourners whenever possible. Contact Sister Louise Sommer or Mary Lee Payton.

Senior Adult Ministry (SAM) is a social group of those who are both comfortable with, and like to socialize with, people over the age of 55. Contact Sister Louise Sommer.

Shawl Ministry is a group of parishioners who enjoy knitting and crocheting that come together to make prayer shawls for those who are experiencing suffering. Contact Miriam Schaefer.

Sponsor Couples for the Engaged are married couples who meet with engaged couples over several weeks sharing stories and experiences from their own marriage and family life. Contact Bob and Joy Hernandez.

Stephen Ministry leaders are trained laypeople who provide Christian care to members of our congregation. The team of skilled caregivers are equipped to bring Christ’s healing love to those experiencing grief, a crisis, or other life stressors. Contact Trudy Turner. For more information on Stephen Ministry, click here.

Volleyball teams for girls in 5-6th grade and 7-8th grade are formed each summer to play against other parish teams throughout the Archdiocese. Volunteers are needed to help coach and assist with practices. Contact Amy Hamilton.

WEDS/ Marriage Encounter begins with a weekend enrichment experience held at local hotels for couples with good marriages. Couples who have experienced a Marriage Encounter meet monthly in the WEDS group. Contact Bob and Joy Hernandez.

Welcoming Committee greets and assists new parishioners after Sunday mass each weekend, and organizes newcomers’ socials throughout the year. Contact Betty Canfield.

Widows Social Group meets regularly offering support, friendship, life experience, and camaraderie with, and for, other widows. Contact Lynn Gormley.

Young Adult Ministry brings together those 21-39 years old, single or married, for fellowship, study, and service. Contact Nicole Moody.

Young Families of Faith is designed around young married couples and families with young children (infant-5th grade). Social gatherings take place twice a month at church–nursery is provided. Contact Jessica Thornhill or Julie Donlin.