Christian Initiation (RCIA)

CHRISTIAN INITIATION OF ADULTS  is the process through men and women discern and respond to God’s invitation to life in Christ as lived out in the Catholic faith community.  This component of Faith Formation includes adults who have never been baptized , adults who have been validly baptized in another Christian denomination and adult Catholics seeking  Confirmation and Eucharist..

A community of inquirers forms each fall.

Contact Diane Maguire, Initiation Coordinator, by email or by phone (770)963-8992 ext. 223 to schedule an interview to begin the process.

Outline of the Initiation Process: There are four periods and three major rites that mark the transition from one stage to another on this journey of faith:

I. Pre-Catechumenate Period

This is a time for questions about the Catholic faith as well as faith sharing about God’s presence in one’s life. The Rites of Acceptance and Welcome celebrate one’s intention to follow the way of Christ.

II. Catechumenate Period

Formation in this period encompasses reflection on the Word of God, experiences of worship, opportunities for service, and immersion in community fellowship. The Rite of Election acknowledges God’s call to faith and signifies one’s readiness for discipleship.

III. Purification and Enlightenment Period

Coinciding with Lent, prayerful recollection purifies one’s heart and enlightens the mind about Christ. Sacramental celebrations (Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist) at the Easter Vigil mark full initiation or communion with the Catholic church.

IV. Mystagogy Period

Following initiation, insights into that experience as well as the  mysteries of faith and discipleship are shared and explored.

Pentecost marks the end of formal sessions but is also the beginning of life-long discipleship.