PSR–Elementary School (K-5) and PK 3-4

In Luke’s Gospel we are told that Jesus grew in wisdom, age and grace as he was raised in the practice of the Jewish faith. Mary and Joseph were the primary religious educators for him as Catholic parents today are for their children.

When you brought your child to the Church for Baptism, you promised to raise your child in the practice of the faith and we the Church promised to support you in that vocation. Our Parish School of Religion (PSR) program exists for that purpose. We offer age appropriate learning to support and affirm the faith formation that is occurring at home.

God’s presence in your lives makes your home a “domestic church.” Your home reflects the life of the larger church when you share the Good News and show care and respect for one another in every day life.

PSR helps children and parents learn how to see God is at work in families and in the world. Consequently an important aspect of all faith formation programs is the adult component that is offered during each session. Parents who participate in these sessions not only give their children an example of the importance of life-long faith formation but also renew and strengthen their own faith relationship with God through study and faith sharing with their peers.

Elementary PSR classes are offered for children in Pre-K through 5th grade (2017-2018):  Classes for Kindergarten-5th grade are held on Sunday afternoons- (1:15-2:30), Sunday evenings (6:15-7:30) and on Wednesday evenings (6:30-7:45).  Pre-K classes are offered on Sunday afternoons at 1:15 and Sunday evenings at 6:15. When enrolling for a session time, parents are encouraged to choose the time that would allow their family to worship together and then attend PSR and adult level programs after Mass.

The Archdiocese requires two full years (August-May) of foundational sacramental preparation for the celebration of First Reconciliation (Confession) and First Communion. Consequently, students need to be enrolled in PSR for 1st and 2nd grades in order to complete preparations for First Reconciliation (fall) and First Communion (spring) in 2nd grade. If you are enrolling for the “immediate” sacrament preparation (2nd yr) in the 2017-18 program year and you were not in St Lawrence’s Faith Formation during then 2016-17 program year, you will need to furnish a verification of attendance  in a faith formation program at a Catholic Church and an official transcript of attendance (with grade level) in public school.

At. St. Lawrence, these sacraments are celebrated communally with the larger parish family. In addition, parents are required to participate in the preparation process. This includes attendance at parent meetings and participation in special family/class gatherings, and home activities.

There is an enrollment fee for all of our programs.  If the enrollment fee is a financial difficulty, please contact the faith formation office. Online payment plans are available through June 30, 2017. Families are required to be registered members of this parish, having completed a parish registration form.   For more information, please contact  Beth Hodgson, Elementary PSR Coordinator at 678-240-3069, or contact Vickie LaClair, Faith Formation secretary, at 770-962-2765; after hours please dial x220 from the main recording to reach the Faith Formation Voicemail.

Enrollment for the 2017-18 school year is open April 1-June 30, 2017.