Faith Formation Enrollment Information

Open enrollment for our 2017-18 Faith Formation programs ended on June 30. Thank you so much for your interest in enrolling your family for faith formation. We welcome you to our programs that are still available through enrollment exception. If you would like to inquire what programs are still available, please contact the coordinator below that best suits what you are seeking for your child(ren):

Christian Initiation (older than 7 and unbaptized) Gloria Kennerty
PSR (PreK through 5th grade) Beth Hodgson
First Communion (second year – 2nd or 3rd grade) Beth Hodgson
First Communion (second year – 4th through 8th grade) Gloria Kennerty
The Edge (middle school) Tarcy Hernandez
High School and Confirmation Michele McPheely

We look forward to hearing from you.