CourtyardSince the earliest days of the Church. parish grounds have been the natural repository and final resting place of deceased members of the Christian community.  Burial within the church building itself or in the adjacent churchyard was once a common practice and a beautiful expression of the cycle of human life from birth to death to eternal life. The land necessary for a burial ground is no longer available to most parishes and a myriad of laws and regularions make it difficult to establish a cemetery.  In recent years, cremation with reverent disposition of remains has become more common.

In the design and renovation of our church home, St. Lawrence Church planned a columbarium located in the interior courtyard so that the remains of the deceased faithful could be reverently placed on the grounds of the church that played such an important part of their lives.

A columbarium niche is modestly priced, aesthetically pleasing, and ecologically sound.  The ambience of the courtyard and columbarium create a comfortable meeting place for families and friends to gather in love and remembrance, a consoling link between death and life.

For more details on the St. Lawrence Catholic Church Columbarium, contact Deacon Terry Millinger.